How it works

At Streamline Analytics we custom-design and build unique analytics dashboards.


Each dashboard we build is unique. We will build them from scratch to meet the specifications of each business, empowering you to view and analyse your data according to your industry and your particular requirements within that. These dashboards will be linked to your data sources, so that they are continuously updated to accurately report the real-time data of your business.


Your dashboard will allow you to analyse trends across key performance indicators, such as gross margins, bringing greater insight to ongoing business strategies. We can also introduce new areas of insight to your business, by combining multiple data sources together to find information from what might have seemed unrelated metrics (e.g matching sales from a ERP system vs headcount from an HR system)


Optimised for visual clarity, a dashboard provide an accurate means to understand and share with colleagues meaningful insights. With the key metrics readily at your disposal in a simple and intuitive user interface, you will be prepared for presentations and meetings without needing to spend hours sifting through excel spreadsheets. With all facets of your business on the same page, you’ll be working together as one.


Your dashboard can be programmed to automate key business processes. Not only does this ensure accuracy of the work but it provides greater efficiency: a click of a button achieves what might ordinarily take a person two-three hours. What’s more, using using an online portal removes the need to send spreadsheets back and forth across different parts of the business. Cloud-based spreadsheets are accessible to anyone with internet and to whom you give safe authorisation.

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  Each dashboard is custom built to your speciications.

Frequently asked questions

Is my data safe?

Yes, at Streamline Analytics we understand the paramount importance of keeping your data secure. Our apps use Firebase, a Google-owned authentication platform that has been thoroughly tested by some of the Australia’s best intelligence developers who have classed it secure and not vulnerable to cyber attacks.

What is the cost for the dashboards to be created?
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I need someone to do some analysis on some data
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Can this link to my existing database?
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Why is this better than a shared doc or spreadsheet?
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